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The Global Youth leadership and Girl-Child Foundation (GYLGF) is a Non- governmental and Leadership Organization established since 2001 and incorporated in 2014 with the CAC. The foundation is concerned with providing result-based and enduring solutions to the challenges faced by women, youths and the girl-child especially in Oyo State and Nigeria as a whole.

The youth in Nigeria have long history of neglect, unemployment, under-employment and therefore not positioned to effectively participate in community development. Moreover, social vices such as drug and substance abuse, violence and other criminal activities to mention a few are more prevalent among youths.

By so doing, some of them have turned out to become problems to the society including youth restiveness and insurgency. Worse heat is the female gender who has a long history of deprivations, discrimination and exclusion from social, economic, political, educational and professional spheres. Some of them have grown with low self-esteem and truncated ambitions.

Others who are in school are not equally motivated as the male counterparts and some have become victims of various forms of violence in the hands of people they trust. Though government at all levels had made several efforts to address some of these challenges including development of various policy documents that provide guidelines to various actors to meaningfully contribute their quotas to addressing the problems. The Civil Society is also reputed as an organ that has significantly driven the process of translating these policies to actions.

The Global Youth Leadership and Girl-Child Foundation was founded by Dr. Adepeju Aderogba-Oti in 2014 after over two decades of working in the three tiers of Education sector, Faith Based and the Non Governmental Organisations. The burden to do something about the situation of the youth and the girl-child was layed in 1997 after the rigorous training she received at the prestigious Pan African Institute for Development (PAIDWA) Cameroon, as a Development Agent and subsequently at University of Rhode Island, Center for Nonviolence and Peace Studies, 2014 as an advocate for peace. Field research and community based activities had been carried out in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria under the aegis of Action Research Training and Development Centre 2001 and Leading Edge Global Resources 2007.

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